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The Founder - Kanicen Nix is actually his real name. A sportsman and a nature lover. Fishing is all about having FUN because it's "MY HOBBY. I LOVE FISHING! This means I live to challenge myself with UNREALISTIC LOGICS." says him. To get the "Maximum Satisfaction, you need to be Extreme".

He is a true ULTRALIGHT ANGLER & known as THE "Ultralight Trend Setter". Extreme Experience, Maximum satisfaction is all he want. It's not about catching the fish, but learning the entire process to land the fish. He strongly carries our motto "It's not the brand, but how you use your rod".

For him when it comes to Ultralight Fishing proper process of lowering down the poundage of the setup is a "MUST-GO-THRU" process in order to become a good ultralight angler with knowledge and skills. Fishing is everyone's hobby but Ultralight Fishing is an "ART" that you must FEEL to EARN it. Fishing is a hobby nothing less, nothing more. Enjoy it!


Kanicen Nix

Who We Are & what gets us up in the morning besides nasi lemak and roti canai?

The answer is... FISHING!

We arrive to work each day grateful for the opportunity to explore new and exciting subjects in the fishing realm. We're a modern and fun-loving team that enjoys working together and sharing our passion for the sport.

My Story

If you think and observe properly about all the people that have high paying jobs you'll notice that some of them are talented and some are not. Regardless of how good they are, they are all see things differently or in another work be a "rock stars".

So what is this rock star formula anyway?

If you asked me several years ago I didn't know the answer, but now I think I've got it. If you want to become a "rock star" in your industry, you have to believe that you can succeed from the beginning. Period!

With a bit of hard work and a few other tricks, you can become a rock star in your industry and get the reputation while enjoying your hobby. And believe me once you did the right things, the rest will come by itself.

The Early Years

According to my brothers they taught me how to fish at the age of 4 and since then I never stop. It's still fresh in mind my first bamboo rod that I will carry around on daily basis. Everyday I will go for fishing regardless catching it or not. It's the sweetest things that ever happened in my life and I always treasured that moments. My first spinning reel I bought it at the age of 9 at RM14 and back then it was packed like a combo. Where did I get the money? I stole it of course from my mum's wallet but then I got the best "present" from her. Got smacked! Good lesson, I stopped stealing. :)

My Ultralight Fishing Life

So how this ultralight fishing all started?

When I think back I have no idea what is ultralight actually. I was too young and that generation no internet of course. I just go fishing as long as it gives me satisfaction and I am able to catch some fishes to cook. It feel good.

The real experience started year 2005 when I went for a fishing trip in Kedah where I met a guy who uses few tiny fishing reels. I don't really pay attention at beginning until he started talking while I'm preparing my fishing setups. Honestly, I may be like you using huge monster reels with huge heavy rods and the line as thick as possible so that you can pull the fish without worrying breaking the line and at that time I was using 60lb and 30lb lines. Shocking? :) But soon all those changed when he gave me his setup to try. The "fun" that I got then is something I can never forget. He thought me something that I can never imagine and I felt its in my blood. He gave me tons of advises but things that I can summarize is something like this...

Take your time to learn and go-thru the proper process of lowering the lines and setup. Ultralight is for someone who love fishing without boundaries. Ultralight is for those who love fishing not bragging. Ultralight is an art. Feel it and enjoy it.

Kanicen Nix

It took me 7 long years to really understand almost everything about Ultralight. Many readings, research but most of my efforts is more on-the-field testing, discussions and arguments that made what I am now. Yet, I am still hungry for information and I always learn from everyone that share the info. I believe thru "Extreme Experience I can gain Maximum Satisfaction" and that can only be done in Ultralight Fishing because it allow me to challenge myself with lightest setup that exists. Fishing is all about IMAGINATION. Without imagination you will not earn the satisfaction. Today, I am passing the info thru few closed friends and since I setup a Facebook group known as Ultralight Anglers the information has gone beyond expectation. Ultralight Fishing has become a fenomena that can never be stopped which has led to the creation of "Kanicen Nix" an Ultralight brand in the market. A Malaysian brand.

My idealogy is to pass my knowledge to everyone that really passionate about Ultralight fishing. If you really love what I did so far then do me a favor...

Pass on all the info, the knowledge, the tips, the skills, the techniques that I have taught you to another 2 persons and ask them to do the same. This cycle should NEVER stop. It should continue to everyone that you know. Believe me, you will be blessed.

Kanicen Nix

Sharing is Caring

I am not sure about you but I believe most of you will agree that we need to contribute once we found our success. There are many forms of contribution and its up to you to decide which is most preferable. You can also do this by contributing to assist others to succeed. The more you help, the better it will be for your future. And take note that the success will only come when you willing to take risk and invest to achieve it. Contributing is a part of taking risk and investment for your future. Just remember fishing is our religion. Teach everyone you know because this is our hobby and its just a hobby.


This now brings me up to date. Other than the web development company Websifu.biz, I also founded a few more companies such as Kanicen Nix, FishingSifu and UltralightAnglers.com, which currently running on slowa mode focusing in Fishing Industry. Some of the things I did didn't do well and made me lose some money whereas others have done great. But after years of living I have learned one really important thing: life isn't fair! If you don't like the cards you are dealt with, do something to change them. And for some ungodly reason, if you are unable to change them, keep moving forward and don't look back. All you can do is trying and JUST DO IT.

Currently, I am working with my own brand in Fishing Industry known as "Kanicen Nix". I believe it will grow and able to bring the changes in the area of Ultralight Fishing in Malaysia and beyond.

The Future

I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me what the future holds for me, but I don't have one. Luckily enough, I have made more money than I have lost and I have been able to leverage that money into investments like offline businesses, houses, .com companies, the stock market, cars, and best of all my my family and my mum. Hopefully my investments will pay off so that I can continue to do what I am doing and not work for anyone else. Over the next few years my number one goal is to expand the business globally. This can only be done with proper plan, good funds, support and efforts.

If you have any questions or need any help with anything related to ultralight fishing, please don't be shy to ask because I know one thing for sure that...

I WILL help you!

To your health and success,

Kanicen Nix - The Founder of Ultralight Anglers Group, Kanicen Nix, Kanicen.com, FishingSifu.com & UltralightAnglers.com