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The "Kanicen Nix" project all started under our parent company FishingSifu. The whole project scope is too huge to elaborate but we knew what we want and we aim to do well so that we can contribute to the market as a local brand by making sure the quality of the products remain intact and will do our best level to be on-par with the rest of the top brands available in the market. We may not be a big player now but we know one day we will.

The Funds

The "Kanicen Nix" project will never start without few funders that involves in-directly. Without them we can never be able to produce this brand in the market. The funds we collected have been equally divided to make sure we can bring few various products targeting Ultralight fishing area.

Up-to-date we have launched few products under the brand Grenti Strike covering soft baits, micro spoon and jigheads. All these products came in various sizes, weight and colors. Our next step is to bring in more products in the area of soft baits, Micro Spoons, Hard Baits, Jig heads, fishing lines and other relevant ultralight fishing accessories. And if everything goes as plan our biggest investment will be ultralight fishing rod under the brand Kanicen Nix. We are the first Malaysian to produce rods under mass production with own local brand. Hopefully, this product will be the stepstone to another level in fishing industry.

Partnering With Us

We welcome those who want to fund our projects. Just contact us to arrange a meeting and we shall share you our plans.

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